Emily Greene Schubert, M.S., BCBA
Executive Director



Georgia Behavior Specialists offer multiple assessments. These assessments typically consist of parent interviews, direct observation of the student in home and school settings as well as direct testing as needed. Some assessments we offer include:


  • Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP)
  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and creation of Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) or Behavior Support Plan (BPS)
  • Preference Assessments
  • Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales


Direct Service

Therapy: Through one on one therapy, therapists will target socially significant behaviors to increase and challenging behaviors to decrease. Our first step is always to identify the function of the behavior being displayed. We use techniques such as discrete trial training and incidental teaching when working on these skills and behaviors.


Social Skills Training: GBS provides after school social skills groups to target and teach socially acceptable behaviors in a group setting. Skills we focus on are imaginary play, turn taking, emotions, greetings and many more.


Augmentative and Alternative Communication Training: Whether your child is using a high tech device (IPAD, Novachat) or a low tech device (picture exchange systems), we will work with your child on strengthening his or her communication skills.


Daily Living Skills Training: GBS offers individual daily living skills training where therapists target behaviors such as toilet trainings, tooth brushing, cleaning, folding laundry, safety training and many more.



Parent Training 

While your child is receiving individualized therapy, BCBAs work with parents and other caregivers on skills to ensure success and generalization of your child’s goals at home and in the community. These parent trainings teach techniques to assist parents in decreasing maladaptive behavior, as well as strategies to use when working on skill acquisition, such as communication or toilet training.




Georgia Behavior Specialists are available to consult to schools, school districts as well as individual families. Through consultation, we bring our expertise to support teams working with students to increase socially appropriate behavior.


Schools and School Districts: Whether looking for support in a specific classroom or a school wide behavior program, Georgia Behavior Specialists are ready to support you through all of the steps of creating appropriate interventions regardless of the challenging behaviors being faced.  We are here to help with recommendations on increasing positive behavior and appropriate data collection systems.


Families: Often times, families are searching for a specialist who is looking out for their student’s best interest. Georgia Behavior Specialists’ top priority is to work with families to help secure the best services for their child. Through consultation, GBS will attend IEP meetings and other such meetings to help support families and their rights within the school system.



School/Clinic Training 

Georgia Behavior Specialists offers trainings to individual schools, school districts or clinics. These trainings can be geared to topics or issues the school is facing. Some examples of trainings include how to write a behavior plan, data collection methods, reinforcement vs. punishment, etc.